Called to Serve

Called to Serve
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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Wala Na Tatay (There's no Bridge)

Right so on Wednesday this last week Elder Rama and I went to Tatay Mansamad's house. We got there and he wasn't there! Well there are two ways to get back over the river take a long walk around and go across on the street bridge or take the scary looking bamboo bridge that when you walked on it you thought it just might collapse. Hahaha well my first transfer in this area (Inayawan) I crossed this bridge with Elder Pajes. I sent pictures through e-mail but I will post one just so you all know what it looks like. Well here is the story. The previous week it rained really hard and the river was way high. But when we crossed it was way low because it drained into the ocean. We had an appointement so we decided to take the bamboo bridge we got there and it was gone. We were to lazy so we decided to go straight through the water. It's way low so it was easy to get across. Now we know not to take that route anymore lol!!!

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