Called to Serve

Called to Serve
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Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Bukid Kadtoan (The Mountain Trip)

So this last Friday after district meeting Elder Rama and I had to go send cargo to the mission office in Kabankalan. Well the sisters wanted to go to do something as well. But first they had to make a stop at a school to get the elementary records of an investigator of theirs so she can get married because she's only 19 and they need that here in the Philippines. Well anyway they told us to just go with them so we did. Well we got there Elder Rama and I waited outside and then Sister Ziebarth came outside and told us that they need to send boys to the mountain school to get the records because it's to dangerous for the sisters to go. So Elder Rama and I said we would go for them. We each had to ride on the back of a moped going up steep rocky mountain rodes and muddy as well. Well when we arrived they said the records weren't there. We spent 100 pesos which doesn't seem like a lot and then over an hour getting there and back. Overall it was fun we had a great time and Elder Rama said the moral of the story is Wala (nothing). Hope you enjoy!!!

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