Called to Serve

Called to Serve
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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Being found by Renato!

This was my first transfer here in Inayawan. Elder Rama and I were teaching in a area called Tambo. Well we got there and got punted by everyone we went to see there. This area we were told was the best area to teach in tons of strong investigators but the elders that told us that wanted the other half of the area because there are more members there. Well anyways we got punted all day and were talking and murmuring about our half of the area. We sat down at a bench and this old man on the other side just starts talking to us. We came to find out his name is Renato Silvera. He was a really nice man and we actually taught him a couple lessons. He's a leader in the Catholic Church across his street. We didn't convert him but we did plant seeds and he strengthened our testimonies and really helped us out. March 2011

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  1. Elder Mele! Hey!!! This is awesome that you can blog!!! This area sounds like Fishers! haha. You can do it! You are a spiritual giant for sure!