Called to Serve

Called to Serve
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Sunday, 11 December 2011

On a Rescue Mission!!!

Hello Everyone,

           So it's been a long time since I have posted and filled you all in on what is going on in PBM (Philippines Bacolod Mission). Well two weeks ago we had a specialized training in Bacolod and there we discussed some of the issues going on here in the Philippines. Our goal for this year is to help all Less-active and In-active members return to church. Our focus is the Book of Mormon. I learned so much about "Retention and Reactivation" in the last month than I have my whole mission.

           Many people may think that missionary work is all about finding, teaching, and baptizing. Although that is one huge and very important part of being a missionary another huge factor in missionary work would be membership retention. The statistics here in the Philippines is hard to believe how many members we have, how many recent converts, and then how many are In-active or Less-active. The Philippines is have a difficult time to keep members in the church because they stop doing the basics. Reading the Book of Mormon, Praying daily, and attending church. Our new motto this year is "Dress them in White twice." Meaning send them to the temple. Get them worthy to enter.

          All members all over the world can make a difference. Remember to do your fellow shipping.Work with the missionaries. And always do your Home teaching/Visiting teaching. Thank you all so much for staying true to the faith. Remember stick to the basics and you'll never go wrong. Remember everyone is a missionary.

Elder Mele