Called to Serve

Called to Serve
You are here by called to serve in the Philippines Bacolod Mission

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Being found by Renato!

This was my first transfer here in Inayawan. Elder Rama and I were teaching in a area called Tambo. Well we got there and got punted by everyone we went to see there. This area we were told was the best area to teach in tons of strong investigators but the elders that told us that wanted the other half of the area because there are more members there. Well anyways we got punted all day and were talking and murmuring about our half of the area. We sat down at a bench and this old man on the other side just starts talking to us. We came to find out his name is Renato Silvera. He was a really nice man and we actually taught him a couple lessons. He's a leader in the Catholic Church across his street. We didn't convert him but we did plant seeds and he strengthened our testimonies and really helped us out. March 2011

Wala Na Tatay (There's no Bridge)

Right so on Wednesday this last week Elder Rama and I went to Tatay Mansamad's house. We got there and he wasn't there! Well there are two ways to get back over the river take a long walk around and go across on the street bridge or take the scary looking bamboo bridge that when you walked on it you thought it just might collapse. Hahaha well my first transfer in this area (Inayawan) I crossed this bridge with Elder Pajes. I sent pictures through e-mail but I will post one just so you all know what it looks like. Well here is the story. The previous week it rained really hard and the river was way high. But when we crossed it was way low because it drained into the ocean. We had an appointement so we decided to take the bamboo bridge we got there and it was gone. We were to lazy so we decided to go straight through the water. It's way low so it was easy to get across. Now we know not to take that route anymore lol!!!

The Bukid Kadtoan (The Mountain Trip)

So this last Friday after district meeting Elder Rama and I had to go send cargo to the mission office in Kabankalan. Well the sisters wanted to go to do something as well. But first they had to make a stop at a school to get the elementary records of an investigator of theirs so she can get married because she's only 19 and they need that here in the Philippines. Well anyway they told us to just go with them so we did. Well we got there Elder Rama and I waited outside and then Sister Ziebarth came outside and told us that they need to send boys to the mountain school to get the records because it's to dangerous for the sisters to go. So Elder Rama and I said we would go for them. We each had to ride on the back of a moped going up steep rocky mountain rodes and muddy as well. Well when we arrived they said the records weren't there. We spent 100 pesos which doesn't seem like a lot and then over an hour getting there and back. Overall it was fun we had a great time and Elder Rama said the moral of the story is Wala (nothing). Hope you enjoy!!!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Elder Rama Calling the Chickens

Inayawan 1st, 2nd, and 3rd transfers

So my second area is Inayawan. I have been in this area for almost 3 transfers and still in the same zone Sipalay Zone. My companion and district leader is Elder Rama. He is a great companion we have a lot of fun together and since he is also cebuano we have been learning more about the language together. He teaches me a lot every day and we love to work together.

Sipalay 2nd and 3rd Transfers

Sipalay 2nd Transfer was a good learning opportunity for me. I learned the language a lot quicker because my new companion and follow-up trainer didn't know hiligaynon he only knew cebuano. We learned a lot from each other and had a good time. We were also together my 3rd transfer as well.

Called to Serve

Go, Ye Messengers of Heaven

Hark , All Ye Nations!

Sipalay 1st Transfer

My first area was in Sipalay. My trainers name is Elder Mas. He was such a great companion and taught me a lot of things that I need to do while in the Philippines. I learned the language quick from him (hiligaynon). He served hard and was a convert to the church just one year before he went on a mission. He taught me how to cook filipino foods and how to live the culture. That was one of my best transfers so far.